YTA Pharmacy – Finland

In Collaboration with

The Challenge:

Yhteistyöapteekit (YTA) is the largest pharmacy chain in Finland. YTA hired Hellon to help with the radical challenges the Finnish pharmacy industry was facing. The Government effectively diminished returns of the sales of prescription medicine as customers can now more freely choose between cheap generic drugs and brand name patent-holders. Hellon’s successes in creating outstanding customer experience were called upon to create new wellbeing services to differentiate YTA from their competitors.

Our Approach:

Pharmacies in Finland are traditionally focused on selling medicine while they very seldom offer outstanding customer experiences or any kind of well being services. The result of the two-year co-operation involving research, ideation, concept design and testing was the new ‘People’s Pharmacy’ concept focused on improving customers’ wellbeing with significantly better customer experience and new health services.

The service model was co-created and prototyped with the pharmacy’s customers and employees. It was derived from a staggering 198 service improvement ideas, into new concepts that will best serve not only the customers and employees, but also future health care and wellbeing trends in Finland.

The Outcome:

The first People’s Pharmacy was opened in Helsinki in spring 2014. The new holistic wellbeing offering can be seen in the extended product range, outstanding interior design, unique and scalable prescription service model, mobile staff and clear market advantage. The project added value to the service, benefitted the employees and the pharmacy and impacted the entire marketplace in Finland.

The project won the global Service Design Award in 2015 from the leading institution for expertise in service design.