Aurum Group, London


  • UK’s leading specialist Jeweller and retailer of fne Swiss watches.
  • Largest retailer of Rolex in the World and also stock such brands as Patek Philippe, Chanel, Cartier,Tag Heuer and Omega.
  • Sales of nearly £400m across 180 Stores in the UK.
  • The Group made the decision to establish Customer Experience as a key part of the overall strategy based on the challenges they were facing at the time.

What we Delivered

  • Creation of vision & values for the company and cascaded to 1900 employees across 180 stores
  • Customer experience culture developed
  • Developed & strengthened internal relationships between store to store and head office functions


Double-digit sales increases were achieved in the following three years, at a time when the market was trading either flat or down on the previous year.

Proft results were as follows:

2007 £4m (Prior to the Customer Experience
2008 £8m
2009 £15m
2010 £23m