Thorntons Confectionery


Founded in 1911 and with over 220 Stores, Thorntons confectionery is a well known and well loved brand. Recognising the need to continually develop their business, we were approached by Thorntons to help enhance the Customer Experience in their stores.

What we delivered

A cross selection of 40 stores were chosen. Each store was appointed to one of our four CX coaches and over the next 8 weeks each Store received a series of visits from their respective coach.

Key areas which were covered included:

  • Assessment and feedback on the behaviours and language of the sales staff interacting with customers
  • Culture training for the staff to understand what customer experience is and why it is important and the benefits for both themselves and the organisation
  • Training on how to understand the customer journey and the various touch points along the way
  • How to build trust & fully understand customers’ needs


  • Customer Centric Culture Built up confidence, willingness and desire from staff to engage with customers
  • Mystery Shop – The Stores we worked with achieved a +11% differential* in Mystery Shop Scores
  • Sales – The Stores we worked with showed a +8% differential* v Lyr

*When compared with the Stores which had received no coaching