Challenges of Implementing a CX Programme


Whether you use an external expert, or implement your Customer Experience programme internally, there are a number of challenges that may hamper your efforts. We find the most common are:

Board buy in – the whole senior management team needs to buy into the programme or it will be undermined. Leadership has a vital role to play, not just believing but living and demonstrating behaviours on a daily basis.

Whilst no one person or department can own Customer Experience, having a designated Customer Experience leader is also critical to success. This is someone who can lead the rallying cry as the chief customer advocate, and build a framework so everyone in the organisation knows what information is collected and how to access it.

Knowing your customers – if you don’t understand what your customer’s wants and needs are, it will make your ability to meet and exceed them difficult.

Talking to customers regularly is one of the best ways to address this. Listen to them – ask them questions and analyse the feedback to see any patterns in customer behaviour.

Not embedding action – it is not enough to talk to customers, or have a systemised customer feedback process. You also need to take action with the information you collect, otherwise you risk losing credibility with your customers.

Ensure action is taking place by embedding the insights gathered into the systems that employees and customers use every day to make decisions. Also share analysis and reports widely within your organisation. Remember world class organisations thrive by using customer feedback to drive all their actions.

Engagement and empowerment – engaged, empowered employees are inextricably linked to delivering excellent Customer Experience. Employees must have the ability and the autonomy to provide the best service possible, rather than fear repercussions. Training can help. A well-trained employee will feel comfortable, confident, and empowered during customer interactions. They won’t hesitate to answer questions, fix issues, and go the extra mile..

Also a clear vision and strategy will help give employee a strong sense of what the company stands for, what its goals are, and why it exists. This will enable them to feel connected and invested in the organisation.

Momentum – implementing Customer Experience can be big and unwieldly. Building and then sustaining momentum can be a challenge, especially when the day job gets in the way. So it is critical that ownership is assigned and objectives are set, and then everyone is held to account. However it is equally important is to make it fun, employees must want to do it.

Also at the outset do some elements quickly so that some momentum is built. Once started, keep pushing the different streams until momentum is developed. We find it is very much like pushing the proverbial snowball up the hill, a great deal of effort will be required initially, however when you reach the crest and it runs on its own accord.

Good luck with your Customer Experience programme!