How To Spot Customer Experience Opportunities?


When an organisation is able to recognise Customer Experience opportunities and then make the most of them, they will stand out and offer a superior Customer Experience. This enables them to delight their customers, which in turn comes together to build customer loyalty, reduce churn and increase revenue.

What is a Customer Experience Opportunity?

It is a chance to impress and go beyond what is expected. Importantly it can help to deepen the relationship in a positive way.

The Disney Institute, an independent Customer Experience training arm of Disney, uses a great example to illustrate a Customer Experience opportunity. The rather inane question ‘What time is the 3 o’clock parade?’ which is regularly asked by Magic Kingdom guests. They recognise that the true opportunity lies beyond the obvious answer – and that the question gives them a unique opportunity to shine by delivering the kind of Customer Experience that builds a lifelong relationship.

So instead of just giving the answer (i.e. the 3pm start time) to the often frazzled parents and over-excited kids; their staff stop to ask questions and then personalise the guest’s experience with their insider knowledge – best vantage points, what time it pasts certain places and when they need to leave one area of the park to see the parade on time etc.

This example also clearly demonstrates a crucial success factor… knowing your customer at an individual level, inside out. Understanding their requirements, concerns, lifetime value, touchpoints, and pain points is vital to delivering outstanding Customer Experience.

How do you spot Customer Experience opportunities?

This doesn’t happen in isolation. It starts with your Customer Experience strategy that defines what customer experiences you want to deliver, and how your organisation will weave this together seamlessly between channels and departments.

The diagram below shows the key elements that need to be on place to deliver a consistent customer experience over and over again.

Basic process framework for spotting Customer Experience opportunities


Spotting opportunities is best built into the process. Training and managers leading by example are important in facilitating this. Also management must ensure that employees are empowered with the right tools to identify and take action. Proactive staff who actively look for opportunities, because they understand the importance of Customer Experience, are key and in a position to deliver a seamless customer-focused experience. Zappos is a great example of a business which has successfully differentiated its business with outstanding customer service. They do this by constantly innovating and empowering their staff; giving their telephone customer service operatives free reign to make their customers happy.