A lively two day immersive, hands-on course which will cement your knowledge, understanding and application of the 6 core CX competencies to confidently pass the CCXP (Certified Customer Experience Professional) exam.

Passing this exam, along with your practitioner experience means you become part of the CXPA’s globally recognised professional network, which recently reached 1,000 worldwide CCXP’s. During the course, you will also have the chance to meet other CX peers which is a superb networking opportunity. The course not only prepares you for the exam but equips you with tools and techniques to take back and apply in-house within your organisation to create real CX transformation and change.

Date 22nd & 23rd April 2020    Location London Venue TBC      Time 9am-5pm

What’s Included?

  • 2 full days of onsite learning followed by 1:1 online coaching with a CXPA Recognised Training Provider
  • 2 experienced & recognised CX practitioners
  • Best selling CX book
  • A course workbook
  • CX tools and templates
  • Plenty of case studies & live examples
  • Roleplay and Simulation
  • Support completing your CCXP application form
  • Preferential rates on future ME courses to help maintain CCXP status
  • Networking with other CX professionals on this UK based public course
  • Lunch & Refreshments

Day One

  • Get to know each other
  • Overview of the CXPA & CCXP exam format
  • Customer-Centric Culture
  • Voice of the Customer, Customer Insight, and Understanding
  • Experience Design, Improvement, and Innovation

Day Two

  • Organizational Adoption and Accountability
  • Customer Experience Strategy
  • Metrics, Measurement, and ROI
  • CCXP Exam Advice
  • Practice exam

Our CCXP training experts

Hassan Mohammad

  • CX 30 under 30 Award by CX Network
  • Recognised Training Provider CXPA
  • Certified Customer Experience Professional CCXP
  • Executive Director Customer Institute

Hassan works at the forefront of innovation and growth, creating customer-centric culture change, innovative services and brand differentiation. Hassan is a CCXP (certified customer experience professional) with a background in engineering, entrepreneurship and international business development.

He has developed his approach over 10 years in practice working with organisations internationally & is passionate about cross-cultural collaboration and co-creation.


Hannah Foley

  • Certified Customer Experience Professional CCXP
  • #1 Best Selling CX Author

FTSE 100 Customer experience leader committed to delivering customer happiness through a foundation of actionable voice of the customer (VOC) insight, customer journey mapping, persona development, benchmarking & market analysis.

Strength in go-to customer experience visioning & implementation of improvement plans. Blends sales, marketing and overall business acumen to drive great customer interactions through people & platforms which in turn drive commercial performance.

Skillfully links customer service and experience initiatives with ROI models.

Strategic change driver equipped with impressive history of success enhancing customer experience for billion-pound global organisations, increasing NPS by >10pts in one year at Wolseley

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