This masterclass is aimed at retailers who want to train their sales people how to provide an exceptional buying experience for their customers so their business really stands out from their competitors.

Our unique approach to retail sales training:

We believe very much in the ‘relationship’ and not just the ‘sale’. Through the delivery of a great buying experience, we want customers to WANT to buy from you, rather than you having to sell to them.

This workshop will show you how to achieve this and provide an exceptional buying experience for your customers in a way that makes your business really stand out from your competitors, resulting in higher conversion rates, increased sales and more repeat business.

On this popular one-day interactive Buying Experience workshop you will discover:

  • The psychology of buying and the customer’s buying decision process
  • How to understand a customer’s decision process and create real focus
  • Ways to engage and connect with the retail customer
  • How to get a full picture of the customer’s real needs, what the customer really thinks and feels
  • Ways to tailor the presentation of the product to create desire
  • The best approach to handling objections and reassuring the customer
  • How to recognise buying signals and ‘close’ naturally
  • How to create a ‘stand out’ impression so the customer returns again and again

What to expect?

This one-day sales training workshop for retailers is designed to keep you engaged and learn through active participation.

The workshop consists of the following

  • Overview of what makes a great buying experience
  • Brief presentation around buying “drivers” and why is it important to identify them
  • Self reflection – How do you see yourselves in the process
  • Role play and group break outs to identify the ideal buying experience

Why attend this retail sales training workshop?

Research shows more than 50% of customers will spend more on products and services if the overall experience is great and memorable. Customer’s expectations are rising. They want retail sales staff to take a genuine interest in what they need and to care about their buying experience.

In an increasingly competitive market place the need to provide a superior level of customer service, as part of a world class Customer Experience, has become even more important.

Customers choose where they shop and for this reason we need to deliver more than just a service we need to deliver a buying experience.

This workshop has direct and very tangible outputs, you will;

  • Discover a greater understanding of why customers walk through your doors and how to ensure that you leave your customers with a positive and loyalty inducing interaction
  • Feel empowered to behave more naturally with your customers and sell more
  • Have the know-how to deliver a great buying experience


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