Service design is gaining recognition globally for the value that it adds to organisations, services and communities by putting people at the heart of all activities and experiences.

Our Service Design & Innovation Professional training program is designed for practitioners around the globe who have no background in service design. It is aimed at people looking to develop their skills in service design and enhance their creative confidence.

Course Outline

Module 1  – Introduction to Service Design

Module 2 – Service Design Toolkit

Module 3 – Insights for Innovation

Module 4 – Co-design & Prototyping

Module 5 – Final Project

Course Duration

We anticipate the full program will take approximately 14 weeks to complete and assumes 6-8 hours per week allocated to personal study in addition to the 1.5 hour weekly instructor led session.

What you will achieve:

The course is designed to equip practitioners with the skills and expertise to lead service design projects. Moreover candidates will benefit from the following:

  • A service design toolkit that they can use in their own professional capacity
  • Enhanced creative confidence
  • In-depth knowledge of service design from the basics to an advanced level
  • Greater chances of employability as employers are now looking for service design expertise
  • Connection to a network of service designers and shared experiences.