Yanis Foams and Mattresses


Yanis is Mattress supplier who have operated for over 10 years.  The company had organically grown to a £1.2m / year business when they somehow reached a glass ceiling and the growth was not where it could have been. The Company then decided they needed to work with a business mentor to take the business to the next level.

What we delivered

  • 1:1 Bespoke Coaching
  • Defined personal and business goals
  • Mentored  company to explore doing a Black Friday promotional event; this resulted in the biggest sales in a day in our complete 10 year history.
  • A problem with poor conversion rates of mobile sales was identified through a new business KPI dashboard, this was quickly rectified with Key changes made to the web/mobile platforms which resulted in sales increasing by over 66% from the steady £10k/month to over £30k/month
  • Developed Customer Feedback Process
  • Following insights from customer feedback we developed a bespoke digital solution (Mattress Finder™) for the website and mobile platforms to recommend products based on selections made by the customer making it easier for customers to find the right mattress and giving a competitive advantage.


  • Busiest Christmas in the company’s history with an additional £100k+ in sales
  • 66% increase in sales  for March 2016
  • 50% increase in sales in Qtr 1 of 2016  on track to double our business within one year
  • Personal and Business Goals set last year have been achieved